About Me

I have served Mother Nature for over a decade as an environmental attorney, activist, and writer. Check out my articles in The San Francisco Examiner, Huffington Post, CleanTechnica, and Sojourners.

Like talking trash? Take a look at my presentation on zero-waste at the San Francisco Public Library-Main Branch from March 19, 2019.

1 Comments on “About Me”

  1. dear robyn, thanks so much for your sf examiner article: “SF keeps quiet about use of toxic materials,” 3/16/16. it was very timely for me to see it because i discovered the gardener of my noe valley apartmt. bldg. is using Monsanto’s Round-Up on the rock gardens.. i was shocked. a week later i was walking in the Mission and asked a gardener who was spraying what he was using — roundup!

    the rainbow has an alternative called, “safer weed and grass” at $9.35 for a 32 oz. bottle. i’ve approached my bldg. manager about using the alternative, but he said “no.” i’ve decided to write a letter to the “noe valley voice” for its may issue about the dangers of glyphosate/roundup since so many people have gardens here. it would be good to get letters in as many neighborhood newspapers as possible. do you have that kind of network?

    thanks again for your great work and i’ll send you the letter when i get it written. btw, since the progressives have a majority on the board for the moment, it would be good to get something passed to “weed” it out of the parks dept. kathylipscomb2@gmail.com


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